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AASA, The School Superintendents Association advocates for equitable access for all students to the highest quality public education, and develops and supports school system leaders.

AASA, the School Superintendents Association, founded in 1865, is the professional organization for more than 13,000 educational leaders in the United States and throughout the world. AASA members range from chief executive officers, superintendents and senior level school administrators to cabinet members, professors and aspiring school leaders.  

The AASA website includes information about AASA's governance activities, advocacy initiatives, membership, conferences and meetings, program and resource development and much, much more.  Below are just a fraction of the wealth of resources made available to superintendents by AASA.

AASA's award-winning magazine

AASA's publication for first-timers

AASA's national endorsement program

AASA's updates on news and policy

We are proud to partner with AASA, The School Superintendents Association, as a foremost resource for our profession for the following reasons:


  • AASA is governed by its members;

  • AASA promotes and publishes the work of its members;

  • AASA is actively supported and endorsed by its members;

  • AASA involves its members in its program and advocacy platform development;

  • AASA is the largest association legitimately representing and genuinely serving school superintendents in our country; and

  • AASA is continuously developing quality programs and resources focused on the needs of school superintendents.