"THERE IS NO DENYING the fact that a superintendent’s success is highly dependent on the relationship with the school board. When the board and the superintendent function as an effective management team, good things will happen. Dysfunctional relationships often lead to short superintendent tenures."     ~ Daniel A. Domenech, Executive Director of AASA


The Zoom Muzzle Syndrome

How can you elevate board member engagement when meetings are conducted via videoconferencing?

Your Board’s First Teacher, Nurturer and Guide

Educating your school board members on the rationale behind decisions is a smart move for superintendents

Defining Ethical Decisions Alternatively

Making the most defensible and sustainable decisions by looking through more than one lens

Noxious Beyond the Odor

How would you advise a school board that’s been offered big money and needed property from a company with dubious practices?

Gaining Gravitas That Comes with Seasoning

Approaching your school board with confidence will help when dealing with noneducator governing bodies.

Forgiveness or Permission from the Board?

When was the last time you took an extended vacation and put work aside to do something for yourself? Should your board play a role in the decision?

Extending Influence Through the Governance Core

The co-authors of a new book highlight the strategies of effective, long-term superintendents in their dealings with board members.

The Contradictions of Learning Together

The trick is moving your board and staff toward a culture in which probing questions are encouraged and not seen as personal attacks.

Differentiating the Complex from the Complicated

A veteran superintendent describes his encounters with a new language of leadership and governance that’s prompted by social communication and digital access to knowledge.

The Politicization of Local School Board Races

Big money from outside the community applies influence but not always with the expected results on boards of education, according to author of a book on the subject.

Steering Clear of Conflicts of Interest

The importance of distinguishing between what are legal conflicts and ethical conflicts, real or perceived. They often involve personnel matters.

A Perennial Check on Board Relations

A superintendent’s success depends highly on how he or she gets along with the school board.

The Will and Skill of a Board Becoming Culturally Responsive

Intentionally building a culturally responsive school board that’s committed to addressing issues of equity, diversity and inclusion

E-mail’s Entanglements When Doing Board Business

It’s become too easy for board members to use e-mail to substitute for more appropriate ways to do its work.

A Parent’s Smear Campaign

A panel analyzes the case of a furious school board member who campaigns publicly for a course transfer for his son, leading to mental anguish for the principal.

Reining in the Rogues

A troublemaking board member can poison your culture, so prevention is the best antidote.

Board Leadership on Inclusive Practices, Equity and Access for All 

With the need to realign human and financial resources and deploy integrated supports, buy-in by the district’s governance body is a vital first measure.