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     NASS is all about supporting and promoting the individual and collective successes of its members.

      NASS was re-launched to offer benefits that are more than monthly publications and meetings, workshops, or conferences.

     The website was created to provide NASS members with continuous opportunities for collaboration and sharing knowledge as well as continuous access to innovative ideas, professional expertise, best practices, strategies for dealing with your board and more.   

     As an active NASS member, you are modeling dedication and commitment to continuous improvement for your district and your community.

     “No one of us is as smart as all of us,” and the power of sharing our combined skills and experiences is unlimited!


Current NASS Membership Benefits


  • Board Relations

        Advice from colleagues for building a productive board/superintendent relationship

  • Career Move

       Tips and tools for achieving that dream job

  • Equity

       Clearly understanding what it takes to create a level playing field for your students

  • Innovative Ideas

        Proven ideas from colleagues across the country

  • Leadership

        Successful strategies for aligning your board and staff and continuously moving forward

  • New Superintendents

        Advice and strategies for enhancing your success

  • Performance Evaluation

        Strategies for earning the recognition you deserve

  • Professional Image

        Public perception can make or break a career

  • Quick Tips

        Little things that can make a big difference

  • Pitfalls

        Follow a growing collection of missteps others have discovered the hard way.



  • Featured Members

        Interviews with colleagues from across the country

  • Influencers

        Meet colleagues who have had the courage to step beyond the role and share their unique expertise, experiences, perspectives and conclusions

  • Hall of Fame

        A collection of peers widely recognized for excellence in our profession

  • Superintendent(s) of the Year

       Superintendents recognized for their unique achievements overall and in specific fields



  • Individual Collaboration

        Experienced colleagues are available to brainstorm how members might approach the latest challenge

  • Online Opportunities to Learn and Share

       An upcoming series of presentations and Q&A centered on the unique challenges of superintendents in the planning stage - coming soon!

  • In-Person Conference(s)

        Also centered on the unique challenges of superintendents and coming soon!

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