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Welcome to NASS!


     The superintendency is one of the most important and meaningful professions in our country. While the work can be immensely rewarding, it is also extremely demanding and subject to new pressures and mandates on a regular basis.

     NASS was originally launched in 2009 to serve the position’s unique needs and challenges by leveraging its most powerful and reliable source of support, networking with other superintendents.  It offered new superintendents immediate guidance and resources, while simultaneously affording their more seasoned and experienced colleagues opportunities to continue to refine their expertise as well as contribute advice and leadership to their profession.

     Today the organization is a new nonprofit undergoing its third realignment, beginning with developing an all new resource center that will continue to grow and improve and followed by the development of additional features and opportunities for professional growth and advancement.

     Please join truly dynamic superintendents from across the country in building a coalition with the collective expertise truly capable of continuously advancing public education.


  • ​Our mission is to advance the individual and collective success of school superintendents.

  • Our development, resources, services, and member benefits are all designed to meet the distinct demands and challenges of school superintendents.




  • ​NASS is rooted in the belief that the collective knowledge and expertise of superintendents is their greatest resource. 

  • NASS is committed to promoting cooperation and solidarity among all local, state and national organizations and associations serving school superintendents.

NASS Member Benefits



     NASS was re-launched to offer benefits that are more than monthly publications and meetings, workshops, or conferences.


     The website was created to provide NASS members with continuous opportunities for collaboration and sharing knowledge, and continuous access to innovative ideas, professional expertise, best practices, strategies for dealing with your board and more.   


     As an active NASS member, you are modeling dedication and commitment to continuous improvement for your district and your community.


     “No one of us is as smart as all of us,” and the power of sharing our combined skills and experiences is unlimited. 


Current NASS Membership Benefits


* Access to THE RESOURCE CENTER, a growing collection of advice, best practices and proven strategies can significantly advance school superintendents’ individual and combined success;

* Access to MY CONTRACT, an extensive collection of concepts and sample language to consider for your personal employment contract;

* Access to COLLABORATION where experienced members are available to share what they've learned as well and brainstorm solutions to the latest challenges;

* Eligible to be a FEATURED MEMBER, an article including your background, career highlights, and accomplishments, available to search firms, board members, and internet search engines and the first step in the NASS Superintendent of the Year selection process;

* Eligible to be recognized as an INFLUENCER for outstanding contributions to our profession achieved outside the duties and responsibilities of the position;

* Opportunity to PUBLISH articles and build your resume; 

* Eligible for NASS EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE membership; and

* Eligible for NASS Annual Awards.

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