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NASS proudly recognizes outstanding member contributions to our profession achieved outside the duties and responsibilities of the position.  These are colleagues who have the courage to step beyond the role and share their unique expertise, experiences, perspectives and conclusions.

Many reflect unique personal opinions, so it's important to note that, while we respect and appreciate their work, the viewpoints expressed are solely their own, not those of NASS, and we are not endorsing or accepting responsibility or liability for any of the content.

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Don Haddad

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Join nationally-recognized education leader and superintendent, Dr. Don Haddad, as he visits with great leaders in education, industry, and more, to spark conversation on building systems of excellence and championship cultures that will drive the future success of public education and our world. New episodes will be published monthly.



iin·​flu·​enc·​er | \ ˈin-ˌflü-ən(t)-sər 

Definition of influencer

: one who exerts influence : a person who inspires or guides the actions of others  The old theme of laziness and mellowness runs counter to today's influencers, who are businesspeople and upscale inspirational promoters of a go-getter way of life.— John C. Dvorak

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James P. Capolupo

Capolupo Book - Behind the Curtain.jpg

Superintendents hold a significant position in school systems. In serving the school board, community, staff and students simultaneously, a superintendent’s role is dynamic and multifaceted. In realizing that the stability of a school system is set by the guidance of the superintendent, the need to attract quality personnel is apparent. However, did you know that the average tenure of a superintendent is less than five years (AASA)? With such fluctuation, school districts are consistently facing change. And although change can be righteous in some instances, variations in leadership can cause distress and anxiety for those who look to deliver upon a stable mission and vision.

Purnell Tim.jpg

 Timothy "Bo" Purnell

Ted Talks

Purnell Ted Talk Grace and Courtesy Better World.jpg

Grace and Courtesy: Building a Better World

Purnell Ted Talk Weaving Truth Leadership DNA.jpg

Importance of Weaving Truth: The Leadership DNA

Timothy J. Purnell, EdD, is Executive Director of the New Jersey School Boards Association, former Chief Executive Officer of the American Montessori Society, and a widely recognized innovative leader, strategic planner, and inspiring educator.  Dr. Purnell is also an adjunct professor at Montclair State University in the Health Science department and an executive board member for both District Administration, a national publication for school-district professionals, and Hope + Future, an organization that provides students with training to become the leaders of tomorrow. Dr. Purnell is a nationally recognized presenter and keynote speaker. He has also held numerous honors and awards throughout his career. He was one of just 100 educators selected to attend President Obama’s ConnectED Initiative at the White House. In 2016, he was selected as the NASS National Superintendent of the Year. He was previously honored as the 2015 Highest Rated Professor in the nation, and he received the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation School Leadership Award for studying public education in Italy.

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 Ronald W. Holmes

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Holmes Jacob's Dream Cyber Bullying.jpg

Ronald W. Holmes is the publisher of the Holmes Education Post, an education focused Internet newspaper. He is the author of 24 books, publishes articles on educational issues and offers unique, evidence-based solutions, perspectives, best practices, and resources to improve public education.  Above are three of Ronald's books.  He earned a PhD in Educational Leadership, a MED in Educational Administration and Supervision and a BS in Business Education from Florida A&M University. He also earned a MED in Business Education from Bowling Green State University. He is a former district superintendent, school administrator, college instructor, school teacher, and test developer. 

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